Get on the Case

When most people meet Kiddo, my seven-month-old, eight-pound Yorkshire terrier, they’re quick to comment on how easy it must be to just throw him in a bag and tote him around town. True enough, but who knew there were so many dog carriers to choose from?

For simply strolling through town with the pooch, look for New York Dog’s new line, Manhattan Mutts, which will hit stores in the spring (if you need a fix earlier, try New York Dog’s sample sale; 646-486-1331). The bags are small enough to throw over a shoulder and soft like a plush – dare I say it? – stuffed animal ($30 at Z-Spot). Your dog may not have been part of the World Trade Center canine search-and-rescue team, but he can show off his patriotic pride with Animal Wrappers’ good ol’ fashioned denim tote emblazoned with an American flag ($75 at Doggie-Do and Pussycats, Too!).

If you’re thinking of bringing your pooch on a plane, you’ll need a sturdy, airline-approved bag. Pet Portage’s silver-and-black one is great – and it looks so much like a gym bag that you can use it to sneak your four-legged friend into a movie theater or restaurant ($60 at Fetch). Looking for something that will carry your dog and a whole lot more? Celltei’s carriers feature several compartments, including a pocket for your cell phone ($155 at the Four Paws Club) and detachable straps to turn it into a backpack. Celltei even offers a line of smaller bags for teacup breeds.

Z-Spot, 965 Madison Ave. (212-472-4960); Doggie-Do and Pussycats, Too!, 567 Third Ave., near 38th St. (212-661-9111); Fetch, 43 Greenwich Ave. (212-352-8591); The Four Paws Club, 387 Bleecker St. (212-367-8265).

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Get on the Case