Gypsy Queen

The city’s young and stylish are getting dressed for spring, and what they’re putting on is a flirty-boho, rich-hippie look: peasant blouses and long skirts, dangly earrings and woven sandals. You could blow big bucks on the season’s best (say, an embroidered Ukrainian-style top at Miu Miu), or you could take a walk through the East Village’s ethnic shops. You’ll come home looking like a hippie and save enough to at least dream about the rich part.

First stop is Surma: The Ukrainian Shop (11 E. 7th St.; 212-477-0729). The selection of peasant tops is absolutely unrivaled: There are versions with delicate lace panels on the arm, and others with intricate bloodred embroidery on the front. They all have drawstring necks and loose, flattering shapes, and prices start at $75.

For another take on the peasant blouse, Try Dö Kham (51 Prince St.; 212-966-2404). Here, the blouses ($25-$35) are more Indian in style, with a four-button placard and a flurry of white embroidery down the front, in every possible color.

For dangly earrings, try Himalayan Visions (for locations, call 212-254-1952), which has three shops (two in the East Village and one in SoHo). There are the ever-popular chandelier styles, as well as enamel versions that are embellished with bits of turquoise (another hot trend this season) and other stones ($25-$45). And check out their selection of brightly colored shantung-silk separates.

For footwear, espadrilles – those inexpensive French shoes with the rope soles that swell up in the rain – are making a major comeback this season. Head to French General on Crosby Street (35 Crosby Street; 212-343-7474). Remember – this is the nation that deified Jim Morrison.

And the last stop? Not ethnic at all. Swing by Virgin Records and look for nice price stickers on Joan Baez albums.

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Gypsy Queen