Doggy Style

Super bowls: From left, dishes by United Pet, Family Pet Pride, Melia, Harry Barker, and Rasco.Photo: Aimee Herring

There’s nothing more important for a dog in this hot and sticky weather than a bowl of water. When temperatures started rising, I realized Kiddo, my year-old Yorkshire terrier, was lapping up the water in his bowl faster than I could refill it. When I went looking for a larger bowl, I soon realized there were designs to match not only every breed but also – if home décor is your thing – every interior.

For kooky, superfriendly Kiddo, I went with Family Pet Pride’s colorful jester design ($40 at Natural Pet, 238 Third Ave., near 20th St., 212-228-4848).

For a more froufrou pooch, try Rasco’s glossy painted bowl with regal gold detailing ($20 at Z-Spot, 965 Madison Ave., 212-472-4960).

Is shabby chic more your aesthetic? Your golden will love Melia’s pastel yellow-and-blue bowl ($28 at Catoe & Bambu, 417 W. 47th St., 212-713-1502).

Harry Barker’s simple white bowls ($15 at The Four Paws Club, 387 Bleecker St., 212-367-8265), inscribed with what your dog might be thinking but cannot say (HUNGRY, THIRSTY, FEED ME!), have a preppy look that perfectly matches Pottery Barn interiors – and sporty dogs like Jack Russells.

I was surprised to find that Über-designer Philippe Starck hasn’t created a pet line, but United Pet’s plastic two-bowls-in-one will fulfill any modernist’s desires ($22.50 at The Four Paws Club.

For dogs like boxers and bulldogs and owners with a soft spot for whip-snapping dominatrixes, Family Pet Pride offers a faux-studded-leather-collar bowl (not pictured, $40 at Doggie-Do and Pussycats, Too!, 567 Third Ave., near 37th St., 212-661-9111).

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Doggy Style