Wake-Up Call

Tick Talk: Clockwise, from top right, alarm clocks from Interior Products, Sony, Kikkerland, Umbra, and Radio Shack.Photo: Joe Scafuro

Let’s face it: no one likes to get out of bed in the morning, but if you have to wake up, you might as well do so in style. And with these chic yet affordable clocks, seeing the light doesn’t have to be so unpleasant.

For a simple look that doesn’t take up too much space, Umbra’s Omega fits on any size bedside table ($24.99 at the Terence Conran Shop).

If you can’t stand a harsh buzz waking you up, Room Interior Products’ Talking Soft Clock ($30) may be for you. It has three sound options: a voice announcing the time, a rooster, or a whistle. None of the clocks mentioned above has a snooze option.

But those of you who count on that extra nine minutes in bed don’t need to sacrifice style, either. We love Sony’s Psyc Clock Radio, which lets you wake up to the radio and comes in six different colors ($14.95 at the Sony Style Store).

Kikkerland’s Telescopic Ball Alarm’s snooze only lasts four minutes, but this clock is sleek, has an expandable arm that allows its height to range from 12 to 25 inches, and even mounts on a wall ($27 at Exit 9).

Radio Shack’s Atomic Projection clock is perfect for anyone who doesn’t even have the energy to lift his head off the pillow to look at the time. It actually projects the time onto a wall or ceiling. Best of all? It usually costs $49.99 but is on sale through September 29 for just $29.99.

•The Terence Conran Shop, 407 E. 59th St. (212-755-9079)
•Room Interior Products, 435 Hudson St. (212-847-8488)
•The Sony Style Store, 550 Madison Ave. (212-833-8000)
•Exit 9, 64 Ave. A (212-228-0145)
•Radio Shack, various locations (radioshack.)

Wake-Up Call