It’s the Journey

Photo: Phillip Toledano

1 “When flying from JFK, tell your driver to take Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn to Conduit Avenue to the Belt Parkway. Print the route out from MapQuest. You have to take the Brooklyn Bridge to do it, but it consistently takes 45 minutes to get there, even in rush hour.”
—Madhu Satyanarayana, financier

2 “There are secret security lines that American Airlines offers to Gold and Platinum passengers at La Guardia and JFK. You just zip right through. Most people don’t even know they’re there; the signs are tiny and easy to miss.”
—Jack Leslie, PR firm CEO

3 “The mini-bistro just beyond the security checkpoint at Newark is a diamond for people who want to eat something a little healthy. And being one of the first dozen or so people at the American Airlines lounge in Heathrow is the only way to beat a 30-minute wait for the shower.”
—James Frischling, banker

4 “The Alitalia and Air France lounges at JFK don’t get BlackBerry reception, so if you’re trying to do work before you board, go to the main terminal.”
—Jason Weisenfeld, fashion executive

5 “If you’re flying business or first class on Continental, get a seat in the first two rows. Otherwise, they’ll run out of the filet mignon and the Japanese meal before they get to you.”
—Amedeo Scognamiglio, jewelry designer

6 “United has the only truly flat beds in first class between New York and L.A. Everyone else’s are on an angle.”
—Jeff Klein, hotelier

7 “If you’re stuck at the airport, call the airline’s 800 number; they can often rebook you faster on the phone than at the gate. And if you’re at La Guardia, Figs restaurant on the lower level is great.”
—Janet Kleinbaum, record executive

8 “British Airways’ business class out of JFK has a full buffet meal in its lounge, so you can eat before you fly and go right to sleep on the plane. Take the 6:30 p.m. flight, though; if you go after seven, the food’s been sitting out for a while.”
—Ivan Bart, modeling-agency executive

9 “If you’re Executive Platinum on American, book one-way tickets to L.A. or Miami within 100 hours of the flight and get a complimentary upgrade. There are flights to New York every hour, so there’s always a seat.”
—Stephen Brandman, COO

10 “Drive your own car to Newark and park at AviStar. There’s always a spot, and you can reserve in advance. They have a washing service, too. It’s especially good for longer trips because there’s real security, so you know your car won’t get vandalized.”
—Frank Carfaro, store owner

It’s the Journey