The New Yorker’s Guide to the Universe

The Wind River Range, Wyoming.

The Park Avenue tulips have bloomed, maybe you’ve had an outdoor margarita or two, and the annual public exhibition of human flesh that is warm-weather New York is once again on display. All of which, paradoxically enough, can make you love the city more than you have in months—or give you a healthy spring urge to get away. We have ideas. In this, the third in our ongoing series of customized vacation planners, we asked real New Yorkers to share with us their tales of travels past and dreams of travels future. Then, taking pains to avoid helpful suggestions like “Paris—we hear the food is swell there,” and “the Grand Canyon—neat views,” we recommended a trip to suit each traveler’s taste. The result is a collection of itineraries useful to wandering New Yorkers of all kinds. Seeking the next must-sample food destination? Try Sicily. Want an emerging shopper’s paradise? Istanbul’s the ticket. Have a jones for the exotic? We’ll bet you’ve never even heard of Tuk Tuk. And if, by chance, you’re the type who prefers something slightly dark, something with a trace of winter to it regardless of the season, we’ve got something for you, too. How about a nice spring trip to Sarajevo?

The Exotic Wanderer
Tuk Tuk, Indonesia

The Foodies
Sicily, Italy

The Deep Soul
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Club Kids
Montreal, Canada

The Outdoors Type
The Wind River Range, Wyoming

The Repeaters
Doolin, Ireland

The Peripatetic Family
The Galápagos, Ecuador

The Shopper
Istanbul, Turkey


The New Yorker’s Guide to the Universe