Hamptons Heat Wave: Mogul Operandi (Part I)


The Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen
(shoehorned into the retro booths: Robert Morton, Don Hewitt, Miramax’s Meryl Poster, Paul Wilmot)

(where Spielberg scarfs scrambled tofu)

Estia (regulars include Kathleen Turner, Alec and Kim)

The Golden Pear Cafe
(Wall Streeters pay $2.50 for iced coffee at what’s been tagged the “Golden Parachute” chain; Southampton branch for takeout – and Cindy Crawford sightings)

On the beach

Gibson (Candace Bushnell, Kate Bohner, novelist-screenwriter Richard Price)

Georgica (Spielberg; Paul, James, and Stella McCartney; ER’s Anthony Edwards)

Indian Wells (Kathleen Turner, Uma Thurman)

Cryder (Gin Lane fizz)

Two Mile Hollow

Flying Point (Billy Norwich, Randolph Duke)

In-demand reservations

Nick & Toni’s (Friday nights bring Claudia Cohen, Mickey Schulhof, Tommy Mottola, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Perelman to the front room. Maître d’: Bonnie Munshin, sharp-tongued widow of musical-comedy star Jules Munshin)

The Palm (same crowd on Sunday nights – the front room rules. Maître d’s: Tomas Romano and Enrico D’Innocenti)

Della Femina (same crowd immortalized in Sardi’s-style pictures on the walls – Katie Couric, Alan Alda, Ross Bleckner)

Savanna’s (Southampton royalty, owned by Perelman lieutenant Howard Gittis)

Redbar Brasserie (a comer – Nina Griscom, Beth Rudin de Woody, Ian Schrager)

Club Colette (Carroll Petrie, Jamee Gregory, Hilary Geary – the private lair of Palm Beach lionesses and their consorts)

Alison by the Beach (Lauders mix it up with artists like Eric Fischl and designers like Nicole Miller)

Sunset Beach Hotel (St. Barts swank for Kelly Klein, Ross Bleckner, Sandy Gallin, Barry Diller, Diane Von Furstenberg. Maître d’: Pierre Revielles)


Jet East (Cocktailing in Balinese-lounge high style: Tommy Mottola, Shoshanna Lonstein. Doorman: Randy Scott)

The VIP room at Life’s a Beach (opens at 2:30 a.m. for the likes of Ted Field. Doorman: Dirk van Stockum)

The Tavern’s VIP room and patio (moneyed young Southamptonites and Peter Beard. Helps to know John Flanagan and the Von Broock brothers)

NV Tsunami (Puff Daddy’s posse)

The Swamp (Diane Von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, Calvin Klein)


Ron Perelman
Sam Waksal (dated both Martha Stewart and her daughter Alexis)
Neil Hirsch (dated Bianca Jagger and Perelman ex Patricia Duff)
John Miller
Randy Schindler
Chappy Morris
Robert Morton
Tommy Mottola
HBO’s Richard Plepler
Ted Field
Henry Buhl
Larry Gagosian
Ed Burns
Peter Beard

Flaunt it, baby

Rows of $10,000 European weeping beeches and Japanese Zelkova trees in the front lawn

Picket-fence security gates opened with a card and code number (like in L.A.)

Motorola Startac 8600 cellular phones

Outdoor regulation-size basketball courts

Multiple personal assistants, a butler, a driver, a gardener, bodyguards

Houses with names (Ron Lauder: Sweet Potato. His guest house: New Potato. Steven Spielberg: Quelle Barn. Larry Gagosian: Toad Hall. David Koch:Aspen East)

A boat (can be rented; after all, who can tell?)

A putting green (Allen Grubman, Nicky Forstmann), or, better yet, a golf course (Mickey Palin: nine holes. Edward S. Gordon: nine holes)

Surveillance cameras artfully obscured by foliage (the Spielberg compound)

Paying to board personal tennis pros and Argentine polo-team players (including their families)

An entourage like Ron Perelman’s

Dunes on beachfront property lit by Greg Yale

The Southampton telephone exchange 283 (means you’ve lived there forever; East Hampton’s most desirable exchange is 324)

An in-house gym, with a 40-foot rock-climbing wall like Charles Stevenson’s

A Locke Reel mower ($8,000 and up)

A helipad

A private screening room (Barry Sonnenfeld’s and Larry Gagosian’s each seat 10. Mickey Schulhof’s seats 20. Francesco Galesi’s tropical-theme theater seats 40. Ron Perelman’s seats 100. Bryan Bantry’s at Goose Creek seats 120.)


VW Bugs (boomers need a fourth car, preferably in yellow and silver)

Vespas (Martha Stewart has one in pistachio)

Mercedes M320 sport-utility vehicle (who doesn’t own one?)

The redesigned Porsche 911 (Ron Perelman, Calvin Klein)

Plane speaking

Gulfstream V (Teddy Forstmann)

Gulfstream IV (Keith Barish, Robert and Harriet Cohen, Al Taubman)

Gulfstream III (Howard Gittis, William E. Simon, Peter Morton)

Gulfstream II (Barry Diller. II-B: Jann Wenner)

Falcon 900 (Mort Zuckerman, Henry Kravis, John Kluge, Tommy Mottola. 20 series: Mickey Schulhof)

Citation VII (Edward S. Gordon)

Boeing 727 (Saul Steinberg)

Sikorsky helicopter (Ralph Lauren, Henry Kravis, Tommy Mottola, Ron Perelman, Donald Trump, Linda Wachner, Saul Steinberg, Teddy Forstmann)

Aerospatiale Dauphin helicopter (Tommy Mottola)

Westwind 2 (Carroll Petrie)

(* denotes power offspring)

James and Whitney Fairchild*
Alex and Alex Von Furstenberg*
Stephan, Conrad, and Lulu de Kwiatkowski*
Robbie and K.K. Kravis*
Pia and Chris Getty*
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal of Greece*
David, Dylan, and Andrew Lauren*
Shoshanna Lonstein
Samantha, Charlotte, and Mark Ronson*
Harlan Peltz*
Serena Altshul*
Liz Cohen
Kristina Stewart
Cristina Greeven
Marjorie Gubelmann
Alex and Liz Lind
Sloan Lindemann*
Lara Schriftman
Aerin Lauder
Chris Barish*
Steven Perelman*
Lola and Stella Schnabel*
Lizzie Grubman*
Jocelyn and Eric Javits*
Samantha and Serena Boardman*
Patricia Herrera*
Carolina Herrera Jr.*
Marci Klein*
Samantha Kluge*
David Schulhof*
Jill Swid*
John Theodoracopulos*
Jenny Finkelstein*

Sighted on Shelter Island, especially at the pharmacy feeding on sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwiches and at Crescent Beach, distinguished by its proximity to the swish Sunset Beach Hotel bar:

Toby Young (shares a house with Hugh Warrender, Austin Powers party host Rory Fleming, and Aeneas Mackay): “We come from an island and feel at home here. And Shelter Island looks like Devon. The ferry acts as a velvet rope.”

Also: Lucy and Plum Sykes, Maxine Harrison, Euan Rellie, Lucas White (Veronica Webb’s beau), and Clive Cooke (Southampton cricket).

Unless you have a street named after you, you can’t complain about the new money ruining the Hamptons. The following families have owned property in the Hamptons since the seventeenth century:

The Gardiners
The Halseys
The Toppings
The Hildreths
The Osbornes
The Daytons
The Hallocks


Gin Lane (Southampton): Carroll Petrie, Herb Allen, Felix Rohatyn, Vera Wang, Keith and Anne Barish, Marty Richards, Sloan Lindemann (rents), Carl Spielvogel and Barbaralee Diamonstein Spielvogel, Al and Judy Taubman, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Sr.

First Neck Lane (Southampton): Marty Bregman, Dan Baker and Nina Griscom, Chuck Scarborough, Pamela Gross, James Finkelstein.

Meadow Lane (Southampton): David and Julia Koch, Leon Black, Linda Wachner, Ted and Nicky Forstmann, Henry Kravis, Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat (one of the richest women in Argentina), Cendant’s Henry Silverman (renting from Georgette Mosbacher).

South Main Street (Southampton): Charles Stevenson, Tom Wolfe (perennial renter).

Murray Lane (Southampton): Terry Allen Kramer, George Soros.

Ox Pasture Road (Southampton): Howard Gittis, Bill Acquavella, German industrialist Werner Otto, Mickey Palin.

Georgica Pond (East Hampton):
West End Road: Kelly Klein, Courtney Ross, Steven Spielberg.
The Creeks: Ron Perelman.
Lily Pond Lane (East Hampton): Allen Grubman, Martha Stewart, Claudia Cohen, Mort Zuckerman, Howard Schultz (owns Starbucks).

Further Lane (East Hampton and Amagansett): Lorne Michaels, Larry Gagosian, Billy Joel, Bruce Wasserstein.

Beach Lane (Wainscott): Ron Lauder, Toni Ross, Heather Cohane.

North Haven: Tommy Mottola, Jimmy Buffett, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, Andy Lack, Eric Fischl, Nicole Miller.

Hamptons Heat Wave: Mogul Operandi (Part I)