10 Most Popular Beaches

1 Flying Point Beach Flying Point Road, Water Mill. This sceney beach teems with the young, the buff, and those rich enough to afford a south-of-the-highway share – along with pretty much anyone else recovering from a long, hard night at Conscience Point. All sexual orientations welcome. Preferred accessories: a BMW roadster and a pair of Hogans for the hike from where you park it.

2 Sagg Beach Sagg Main Street, Sagaponack. The party starts in the parking lot, where Jeep Cherokees unload packs of hard-drinking share-house occupants armed with coolers of Bud Light and sandwiches from the General Store. Thankfully, there are lifeguards and rest rooms in case things get out of hand.

3 Long Beach Long Beach Road, between Noyack and North Haven. The ocean isn’t for everyone. Always warmer than the icy Atlantic, this bay-side beach may not have the softest sand, but it’s perfect for windsurfing or teaching your little ones to swim sans waterwings.

4 Mecox Beach Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton. Haven’t scored a Bridgehampton Racquet & Surf Club membership? A $15 parking fee (if you don’t have a season pass) will buy you and your kids all necessary amenities for a day at the beach next door. Kids can swim under a lifeguard’s supervision.

5 Two Mile Hollow Two Mile Hollow Road, East Hampton. Locals call it two miles of horror – lets just say there’s lots of nocturnal activity here. Be careful where you look – judging by the amount of tanned, toned Chelsea-boy flesh on display at this beach, you’d think clothing was optional. If the guy next to you is wearing a swimsuit, it’s probably more expensive than yours.

6 Ocean Road Beach Ocean Road, Bridgehampton. Come early if you want to beat the surfers and day-trippers from Nassau County who make this their beach of choice since it’s one of the few where you can park without an expensive permit. As you’d expect, the party here continues well past dusk.

7 Gibson Beach Gibson Lane, Sagaponack. A slice of St. Tropez for those who want to show off their Eres bikini bottoms – apparently, tops aren’t required here. But be forewarned: You never know what boldface name is lying on the Hermès towel nearby, slathering on the Prada lip balm.

8 Wainscott Beach Beach Lane, Wainscott. Right next to some of the richest real estate in the Hamptons, this wide, quiet stretch of sand is favored by old-money types and those who love them. Forget about bringing your car – this beach has the least parking of any we know. It’s strictly bike or bust.

9 Indian Wells Beach Indian Wells Highway, Amagansett. When you want to go incognito, head out for this low-key, family-friendly beach. Note the crowds of local high-school kids flirting to the right side of the concession stand. No one will mock you for that zinc oxide on your nose – most likely, they won’t even notice it.

10 Main Beach Ocean Avenue, East Hampton. There’s no better vantage point for watching July 4 fireworks – if you manage to land a square of sand in the afternoon, you just might want to take that après-surf shower on the premises and settle in for the evening. Keep kids occupied with ice pops from the substantial concession stand.

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10 Most Popular Beaches