Strut Your Stuff

Material Whirl
“Christy” leather yoga bag with yoga mat ($75 at Barneys); $350 at Marc Jacobs.

All-Weather Leather
Michelle K fusion sneakers; $80 at Macy’s.

Black Arts
The Rembrandt suit—stretchy, with great stomach control; $185 at

Pret à Sporter
City Lights three-piece yoga suit; tank, $56; pants, $76; jacket, $72; all at Equinox.

Sole Position
Teocalli cross trainer, a training shoe worthy of the toughest winter; $100 at Niketown.

Child’s Pose
Cotton baby tee; $20 at Om Yoga.

Time for a Swim
The Corum Dive Bubble, stainless steel with a navy rubber strap; $2,195 at Tourneau.

Measure Up!
Coach leather tape: retractable with nickel tip in red leather case; $28 at Coach.

Short and Shapely
Karla Colletto tankini dries in an hour so it won’t leak in your bag; $180 at Bodyhints.

Let ’Em See You Sweat
Juicy sweats, all cotton, drawstring; $90 at Scoop.

Not Mellow Yellow Breathable cotton-mesh cover-up; $45 at Crunch gyms.

Photographed by Antonis Achelleos.

Strut Your Stuff