Holiday Gifts

Money (too little or too much) is no object: There are gifts in every price range in the world’s greatest shopping city. Here’s how to find them.

Santa goes to the Net
Forget reindeer and mistletoe – the symbol of the season is www. So we combed the Net for the best of the Web.

Digital Delectables
Even if you still can’t program your VCR, these sexy newcomers will put you way ahead of the high-tech curve.

50 Under $50
Not your typical stocking stuffers: A cavalcade of curios to delight everyone from inquisitive child to devout sensualist.

25 under $250
Practical, stylish ways to go designer (think Prada, Calvin, Armani) without going broke.

10 under $1,000
Ten steps toward a grand shopping strategy.

5 Under $5,000
The only way to fly into the third millennium is first class, n’est-ce pas?

1 for 100,000
Sure, you could bestow a silver Porsche Cabriolet or a 30-foot Monterey 305 cruiser upon a loved one. On the other hand, consider some other $100K possibilities.

Holiday Gifts