All I Want For. . .

Nicole Yu
Photo: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

1. Nicole Yu, 3
A computer game. A Barbie. “Santa! Oh, a Santa doll.”2. Thomas Godwin, 3
“A drawer.” “I want to walk to the bus stop on my own.” “A Playmobil hospital. They have stretchers and doctors and nurses. I want to be a doctor.”3. Olivia Katz, 4
A computer. A Barbie. A doll house for the Barbie.

Zachary HirschPhoto: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

4. Zachary Hirsch, 3
Spider-Man Spray Webs. Matchbox Carwash. A Tyco motorcycle.5. Sam Kaufman, 4
Chicken Dance Elmo. Superman, ” ‘cause he’s for boys.” A SpongeBob SquarePants “that can walk.” (N.B.: This doesn’t exist.)6. Tsion Syoum, 3
“A puppy, red, as big as me.” “A tall cat.” “A bicycle with three wheels. Pink.”

Westley Park-KouhPhoto: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

7. Westley Park-Kouh, 3
K’NEX Burn Out Radio Control car set. Tonka Junior Town Garage Playset. Power Rangers Deluxe Isis Command Center.8. Jonathan Bleiberg, 5
“Playmobil Airport. It’s the whole airport. It’s got a place for the bags and garages for the planes, but it doesn’t have runways.” Playmobil airplane. Lite-Brite Cube.

9. Cary Saito, 5
“Sunflowers in a pot that I can water every day.” “A purple lava lamp as big as me.” “A glow pen. It’s a pen that glows. I want green.” “Shoes – the ones my sister has.” “A dog stuffed animal. A soft one, like my sister has.”10. Clara Siegmund, 6
“I wish I could ask for another bike because when I got my bike lastyear, I heard Santa Claus, and this time I want to get up and see him! I don’t want the bike. I just want to see Santa.” American Girl clothes. “Mine’s name is Josefina and she comes from New Mexico. I lost her top at my cousin’s house. She still has her skirt.” The fifth Harry Potter book. “I’ve been waiting for a year. It’s really hard.”11. Paul-Michael Wayans, 6
“A training motorcycle. It looks like a Kawasaki. It’s got gas and you can actually ride it. If you want to go speedy, you can go speedy, but if you don’t want to go speedy, you don’t have to.” Transformer Robots.12. Gabriel Rosen, 5
Nintendo GameCube. GameBoy Advance. Galidor for GameBoy Advance. “It’s just a game, but it’s cool.”13. Jared Hoffman, 8
“G.I. Joe vs. Cobra. It’s a bad guy. He tries to take over the world.” “A trip to the Queen Mary in California. In 1934 it was an ocean liner, but it’s now a hotel. It’s really scary because – get this – I read in a magazine that ghosts, one in thirties garb and one in sixties garb, appear near the swimming pool where they drowned.”14. Lily Wittrock, 8
“A golden retriever. I’ve been waiting, like, three years!” Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies. Jewelry. “I like dressing up in my room and pretending I’m a fancy lady. When my friends come over, we have tea parties.” Boxcar Children books.15. Ben Dougherty, 7
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Bionicles. A toy pirate ship.16. Imani Yisrael-Spicer, 5
Barbie Talking Townhouse. Sketchers 4 Wheelers. “A baby poodle, black and white. I saw someone walking a blue-and-white one to the bus.”17. Jack Smith Marooney, 6
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and a Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Harry Potter Legos. A chemistry set, “so I can learn different potions that explode and stuff.” “A big robot that shoots an armadillo out of its leg. It’s a Power Ranger thing.”

Allison Snyder
Photo: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

18. Allison Snyder, 6
GameBoy. “It seems weird that a girl would want a GameBoy because it’s called GameBoy, but I’m not a girly girl.” “My own telephone line.”19. Armen Spendjian, 7
Lego Droid Starfighter set from Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. “It’s a bad-guy ship, but it’s really cool.”20. Karolyn Patterson, 7
A horse. “I ride one at my aunt’s house.” “A bigger gymnastics bag.” “A Spanish book because I’m studying it in school, and a French tape because I want to learn.”21. Natalie Avery-Kalfus, 7
Ello. “It’s a building set. You build scenes, fantasy worlds, like a fairy tale.” “A Basilisk snake from Harry Potter.” “A trip to Israel. I’d live on a kibbutz.”22. Anthea Levi, 9
Clothes, shirts. “A stuffed animal, a pink bunny.” Earrings.

Gracie GardnerPhoto: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

23. Gracie Gardner, 9
A soccer goalpost “so I can play at my country house.” A sketching kit with a lot of pencils. Chapter books. “I like 21 Balloons and The Witches and Tuck Everlasting.”24. Stephen Profeta, 9
Big Fat Liar video. Backyard Baseball 2003 computer game. “It has all the players.” A CD player “so I can listen to Beatles music.”25. Ella Park-Chan, 8
A dog. A cotton-candy machine. “A surprise.”26. Joseph Lebowitz, 7
World peace. “We’re studying it.” “A kitty with a white stomach and white paws and a white neck and gray on the rest.” “To learn to surf. I’m not a thing person.”27. Grace Haser, 10
Mystery and adventure books. Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Artemis Fowl. Clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch. Art kit for painting.

28. Chelsi Thomas, 9
PlayStation 2. “I want the Kingdom Hearts game. You control characters from movies and you fight with them.” Rocket Power for GameBoy Advance. A gumball-making machine. A digital camera.29. Annie Auchincloss, 12
A big shopping spree. Concert tickets. “I like Jennifer Lopez and Pink, but I love Avril Lavigne.” A no-homework night. “A month would be great.” Yankees tickets and Liberty tickets.

Denzel JacobsPhoto: Noah Sheldon & Kate Lacey

30. Denzel Jacobs, 10
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. PlayStation 2 games. “My own recording studio.” New Jordans, “but my parents don’t want to pay $100 for sneakers.” 31. Gen Katz, 11
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Legos. “Challenging ones where you control them from the computer.” A computer with Pentium 2 or 4.”I can’t use the software that moves the Legos on my computer now, so I just build them and wait.”32. Jacob Dannett, 11
GameCube. “A book called Hoot.” “A publisher. I write stories, mostly nonsense. I’m trying to write chapter books now.” 33. Jordan Samuel, 11
PlayStation 2. Limp Bizkit and blink-182 CDs. Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.34. Veronica Hoglund, 12
Eminem concert tickets. Ultra Love jeans. A laptop.35. Ashley Wayans, 9
A white Barbie with a pink dress. There’s a Hamster in My Lunchbox and other books by Susan Clymer. A new art kit. “I got a kit last year, but my brother and sister startedusing it. It only lasted two days. Everyone got to use it except me.”36. Katie Schwartz, 11
Gift certificates to Barnes & Noble.”I want to have a library.” Mr. Deeds and Lord of the Rings DVDs. Light blue Pumas with gel soles.37. Zohran Mamdani, 11
Books. FIFA 2003 and SimCity 3000 computer games.38. Ivee Gedell, 12
Another ferret. “A new wrist. I crashed into my sister when I was snowboarding.” Christina Aguilera, the 8 Mile soundtrack CDs.39. Laura Profeta, 12
A dog. “A small one that doesn’t shed or bark too much and can live with our guinea pig and hamster.” Avril Lavigne’s CD.

All I Want For. . .