Sound and Film

(1) They’ll need something to listen to all that music on: Bang & Olufsen’s stylish headphones stand out ($160; 330 Columbus Ave., nr. 76th St.; 212-501-0926).

(2) Six hundred minutes of music might be too much for even the most idealistic Live Aid fan, but sets by U2, Bowie, and Queen are surprisingly enduring ($39.99). Buy it online (

(3) Cineasts will love these five painfully beautiful films by hip Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai ($99.95). Buy it online (

(4) For the first time on CD, The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 collects the American versions of the Beatles’ early work; with mono mixes for purists ($69.98). Buy it online (

(5) Season three of Amy Sedaris’s cult TV series Strangers With Candy is perfect for fans of dark, twisted humor ($26.99).Buy it online (

(6) Al Green has been the subject of endless compilations and boxed sets, but the Immortal Soul of Al Green is the best and most expansive treatment yet ($69.98). Buy it online (

(7) Will Ferrell’s goofy Elf is the perfect antidote to this year’s awful holiday movies ($29.95). Buy it online (

(8) With all things eighties back in vogue, sprawling retrospective Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the Eighties Underground reminds how great the Pixies, the Smiths, and the Replacements were ($64.98).

(9) For those who loved The Incredibles: Director Brad Bird’s Iron Giant, about a boy and his pet robot, is a quiet, heartfelt marvel ($19.95). Buy it online (

Sound and Film