@Home Design: The New E-Style

Computers may cause us to talk less, but they also allow us to stay home more, nesting as we surf the Net, reeling in domestic comforts with high-speed cables. This spring’s “@Home” issue focuses on five pioneering digerati who are handily homesteading the wired universe. Christy Ferer is on the verge of launching stylewiz.com, a site that files for-sale furnishings into virtual rooms – but her own apartment is an equally killer app. Tiffany Dubin, gearing up for gavel-to-gavel coverage on theauctionchannel.com, had a vision of our fluorescent future and swapped her dusty Sotheby’s antiques for eBay’s pop plastics. The dumbo apartment of Bliss’s Marcia Kilgore and Thierry Boué is almost all window, but that’s only natural – their business, like their apartment, is about exfoliating the detritus of everyday life. Josh Harris of pseudo.com has exercised the Truman Show option of living on-camera 24/7, rejecting privacy in favor of a nonstop party. And architect and Web designer Eric Liftin’s live-work loft contains an acrylic-sheathed conference room that wheels back into the wall when it comes time to play with his son. For anyone aspiring to a forward-thinking lair, we created five virtual environments calibrated to the particular charisma of six noteworthies, from the Soprano kids’ ultimate rec room to caterer Serena Bass’s soufflé-ready dinner table. Those who haven’t been swept up in the gold rush may look askance at netrepreneur wealth, but it’s not like there’s no trickle-down effect: These freethinkers can boldly go, and we’ll just follow – click, click, click – in their footsteps.

Until Pseudo.com’s Josh Harris got his 4,000-square-foot SoHo loft up and running four months ago, only Warhol and Hef seemed this adept at combining home with happening … (read on)

Tiffany Dubin’s midlife crisis came a little early. Still well under the big four-oh, she woke up one morning last summer and realized everything had to go … (read on)

“When architects design their own houses, they never want everything set in stone,” says Eric Liftin of Mesh Architectures, which designs interiors and Websites … (read on)

Paris can make the susceptible American swoon over many things. Café au lait. The Venus de Milo. But it was the Porte de Clingnancourt flea market that stole Christy Ferer’s 20-year-old heart … (read on)

It’s shocking to think that the Bliss-spa impresarios (and happily married couple) Marcia Kilgore and Thierry Boué used to call a conventional Prospect Park brownstone home … (read on)

By Wendy Goodman
Produced by Jordan Schaps
Text by Alexandra Lange
Edited by Phoebe Eaton

@Home Design: The New E-Style