Borough Haul

If you’re looking for a dog or a cat, go to a CACC shelter – you’ll save hundreds of dollars, not to mention a life. Manhattan’s has the most animals; Brooklyn’s has a parking lot; those in Queens and the Bronx are the smallest; Staten Island’s is small but relatively new. If you go on a Saturday, bring a book – the wait could be two hours, but it’s worth it: Most people who have adopted shelter animals wouldnever dream of setting foot in apet store again.

326 East 110th Street (722-3620)
Hours: Daily 11 to 6

2336 Linden Boulevard
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 10 to 4

3139 Veterans Road West
Hours: Weekdays 10 to 3, Saturday and Sunday 10 to 6

92-29 Queens Boulevard,
Rego Park (718-997-6330)
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday
11 to 3

464 East Fordham Road
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday
11 to 3

Borough Haul