Too Much Information

Photo: Fergus Greer

New skin takes place in a Tokyo apartment occupied by a young woman. The room is filled with magazines, books, pop culture. She gradually recognizes that she’s losing her vision, and grows an insatiable appetite for all that is new. The more information she searches for, the more she erases her memory.

On is filmed across America, following a direct path, condensing the journey into several hyper-real minutes. There’s a tempo of repeating places and scenes which were often separated by hundreds of miles but appear virtually the same. It gives the sense that one is at once everyplace and no place.

I’m completely open to the stimulation that surrounds us: an overheard conversation, a part of a film, the way a young couple looks at each other in the evening. We montage everything we experience, and perhaps it is only the editing that each of us does that defines who we are.

Doug Aitken
303 Gallery
September 14 to October 26.

Too Much Information