Take Five

Photo: John Huba

No, demo-lition, as in record demo. Ha ha. I wasn’t going to release a record this year, because people were getting very tired of me.

Ooooh – every other music magazine is calling me a twat.

They were all favorites of a friend of mine who died of cancer. I really loved her, but she’s dead. That’s what happens.

Besides “Fuck off and die”? Maybe the girl who said, “Eat a salad once in a while.”

I’ll go out with a guitar and a piano. But anyone that thinks they should buy Demolition should buy Daybreaker by my friend Beth Orton instead. She’s a real songwriter. I’m just a fucking bigmouth.

Yup. Without any problem. Hey, man, it’s not my fault that Keith likes me.

(Lost Highway; September 24).
Ryan Adams appears at the Beacon Theater October 10.

Take Five