Have a Nice Summer

Summer in New York can feel like a Rube Goldberg device of inconvenience: a stuck train, a sweaty blouse, a perpetual cab smacking up against a perpetual red light on the hottest day of August, with the air-conditioning busted and pouring out steam. Alternately, it can feel like a verdant, minty heaven, one populated by scantily clad fancy folk on their way to the best, most interesting dinner party in town—or just out of town.

It would be easy to say that the difference is state of mind: that if you could just go with the flow, every day could feel like vacation. But that’s just so … Californian. In New York, anxiety is always prickling beneath the surface. So let’s be practical. Herein, our solutions to your major summer problems: the traffic, the heat, your obsessive quest to replicate Il Laboratorio del Gelato’s banana ice cream in your own home. Our aim is to ease your way, whether you’re teetering toward a Hamptons benefit you’ve been dreading, steering distant cousins through Times Square, or just tip-toeing out of the office for the perfect hooky day.

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Have a Nice Summer