How to Live in Your Own Private California

Moana McReynolds, Meleana Blaich, and Shasta McBride in Far Rockaway.Photo: Gillian Laub

Save the OC fantasy for Tuesday night. The East Coast is known for its hurricane swells, so, says one regular New York surfer who’s been watching the weather, “this could be a really good season.”

There are fourteen named storms predicted: You just have to be in the right place to meet them. When the winds come in from the north, catch the A train in the early A.M., and share a car with Hawaiian and Southern Californian transplants hauling boards to the Beach 90 Street stop in Far Rockaway.

When the winds come in from the west, your city surf is in New Jersey—Sandy Hook and Manasquan for the steepest waves. Unlike gritty Rockaway, the Jersey shore has a bona fide beach-town vibe. “Surfers here aren’t really in a rush,” says Manasquan regular Vishwa Srivastava, of Nalu surf shop in the meatpacking district.

Whether it’s a quick morning ride or a full beach day, on this coast, you’ll need a wet suit until mid-July. Find local surf reports at or

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How to Live in Your Own Private California