Feet (Special Marathon Edition)

On November 7, around 35,000 New Yorkers and other crazy people will run the marathon. Here are the best sneakers to wear, the smartest places to show support—and more ways to treat your feet right, even if you’re barely moving a muscle.

Test Run
With 26.2 miles to cover, you’ll need fresh sneakers. Veteran runner Kate Irvin of Central Park Track Club tried four new hi-tech pairs designed to go far—fast.

Hot to Trotter
If you’d rather eat feet than stand on them, animal hooves—a.k.a. trotters—are showing up on trendy fall menus.

How to Give a Foot Massage
Here’s the rub: No matter what shoes you wear, your feet will hurt afterwards. Massage therapist Kimberly Miller of Relax breaks down the best technique.

The One-Man Marathon Support System
Anybody can cheer at the finish line. These spots are where your friends really need help.

Walking Blues
New Yorkers pound more pavement than any other urban population, and we have our own unique foot problems to prove it. Certified foot surgeon Suzanne Levine diagnoses the most common ailments.

Exotic Toe Treatments
Because a regular pedicure is, well, pedestrian.

The Ultimate New York Sneaker
As anyone with a closetful of footwear knows, no single shoe can get you through city life. Or can it? Staple Design—who’ve worked with everyone from New Balance to Versace—created a sneaker for all seasons.

How to Customize Your Kicks
You can’t buy the ultimate New York sneaker—yet—but you can upgrade your own pair.

Feet (Special Marathon Edition)