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Smartest Time of the Day To …
Eight times of day that will make your life easier.

Wheel of Fortune
A look inside Patek Philippe’s new Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5970. Retail price: $89,600.

New York’s Favorite Watches
Eight of New York’s favorite timepieces, from David Yurman’s High Jewelry Madison to Swatch’s Skin collection.

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Four of New York’s finest watch repairmen.

The War Against Time
The beauty industry’s never-ending battle against aging is now focused on gauntness.

Time’s Arrow
The original book on time is still the best: It takes you step-by-step, and it’s very thin.

On the Clock
When New York goes to work.

Slow Burn
David Rosenthal, professor of philosophy and coordinator of cognitive science at cuny, on our experience of time.

Buying Time
Forget time-shares: Fractionals are the latest trend in holiday homes.