Back to School

1 The Coolest Classes
Does your child videoconference with NASA? A sample of cutting-edge courses at public schools this fall.

2 Snack Pack
Eban Ross of Carve Unique Sandwiches reinvents every kid’s favorite lunch with the Central Park PB&J.

3 School Survey
Can kids really be looking forward to going back to the classroom?

4 Fashion School
Kids pick back-to-school outfits—and then their parents take a turn.

5 What to Do After School
Programs that work out your child’s body and mind - whether she’s a prodigy or just playing around.

6 Ask the Expert: Teen Stress
Ron Taffel, Ph.D., author of teen-parenting book The Second Family, talks about youth stress and how to deal with it.

7 Tech Playground
New devices that help with schoolwork—and playtime.

Backpacks Unpacked
It’s an essential part of every kid’s school kit. Which unisex backpacks score style points, and which will hold every last book?

Back to School