How To Do a Fufanu

Champion stunt biker and MTV host Dave Mirra has won fifteen X Games gold medals—more than anyone else. He explains how to pull off the urban version of a classic half-pipe trick. Wear a helmet: The “fufanu” can easily turn into the “backward topple.”

1. The Approach
Ride slowly toward a bench or—for beginners—a curb. Stand on the pedals, with knees slightly bent, body leaning toward handlebars, and celebratory Mountain Dew at the ready.

2. The Jump
When your front wheel is about a foot from the target, pop a wheelie as high as possible; three feet is ideal. Once the front wheel is clear, hop the bike off the ground by pulling hard on the handlebars and pushing off the pedals.

3. The Landing
Keep your front wheel up as you descend. When you land, catch your balance and halt forward movement by hitting the brakes, straightening your legs, and leaning back farther than feels comfortable.

4. The Dismount
After balancing for a second or so, hop back onto the pavement—don’t fall over backward. When you land, keep the front wheel up and swing the bike 180 degrees by angling your shoulders and throwing your body weight. Set your front wheel down and pedal away. That was so extreme!

How To Do a Fufanu