Exotic Toe Treatments

Photo: Getty Images

1. You won’t see the Cutera Xeo non-ablative laser beam at the local nail emporium. Used in Dr. Colbert’s Medicure ($450; 119 Fifth Ave., at 19th St., 4th fl.; 212-533-8888), it’s supposed to stimulate collagen on the feet. If that’s too subtle, they’re also sandblasted with microdermabrasion, which removes three layers of outer skin.

2. Forget mere metal files: Diamond dust is the buffing agent of choice in Acqua Beauty Bar’s Smoothie Paraffin pedicure ($60; 7 E. 14th St., near University Pl.; 212-620-4329). It’s followed by a Dead Sea mud cream to combat unpleasant aromas and a cucumber paraffin dip for extra tenderizing.

3. Try the Vanilla Latte pedicure at Sweet Lily for a lift ($58; 222 W. Broadway, near Franklin St.; 212-925-5441). Feet are soaked in hot coffee, whipped cream, and steamed milk, supposedly to tighten skin—which only obsessives would care about, but the smell alone is heaven. A vanilla-coffee-grounds-and-sea-salt scrub adds extra indulgence.

4. The Piña Colada pedicure at Josephine ($60; 200 E. 62nd St., near Third Ave.; 212-223-7157) is a 60-minute break, Caribbean-style. Pineapple enzymes melt away dead skin, and the fruit’s outer layer is used to scrub. If that’s not relaxing enough, there’s moisturizing coconut and reflexology, too.

Exotic Toe Treatments