The Ultimate New York Sneaker

Illustration by Kagan McLeod.

1. Taxi Hailer
Telescopic pole with checkered flag gets attention in traffic.

2. Same-Shoe Alert
Alarm signals when you’re near someone else wearing the same shoes, enabling you to walk casually in the opposite direction.

3. Fabric LCD
Revolutionary info screen signals when your train is approaching the station, provides Zagat scores when you walk in a restaurant, calculates tips, etc.

4. MetroCard Reader
Slot-loading drive is linked with MTA turnstiles; no need to swipe. Balance is shown on the LCD.

5. Frequency Jammer
Finds the wavelength for closing subway and elevator doors, making them spring open.

6. Message Ticker
Displays your thought for the day via Bluetooth-enabled keyboard.

7. Onboard iPod Mini
Chargeable cradle and protective holder; works with Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

8. Color Changeability
Fabric changes to any color; downloadable patterns include camouflage, pinstripe, and polka dot.

9. Anti-Mugger Device
High-pressure nozzles spray Mace at marauders.

10. Universal Cell-phone Charger
Plug comes on a retractable cord that reaches up to your ears.

11. Removable High-Top Cuff
Quickly converts from low-tops to water, snow, and wind protection.

The Ultimate New York Sneaker