6 Great Sandwiches To Go

Illustration by Jorge Colombo

Starwich’s Braised Short Rib with Cabrales and onion
Essentially, a Philly cheese-steak in fancy disguise, on Amy’s toasted challah. Comes with a pickle. (153 E. 53rd St., at the Citicorp Bldg.; and 525 W. 42nd St., nr. Tenth Ave.)

Alfanoose’s Falafel
The neatest—and tastiest—falafel sandwich in town. Insouciant junior brokers eat them in their best Thomas Pink shirts. (8 Maiden Ln., nr. Broadway)

Tony Luke’s Roast
Pork Italian Harsh fluorescent lighting, concrete floors, no tables, and a gastronomical experience to rival Per Se’s. (576 Ninth Ave., nr. 41st St.)

Financier’s “Le Financier”
A very civilized grilled chicken, goat cheese, and artichoke sandwich on panini-pressed baguette. Includes cornichons. (62 Stone St., nr. William St.; and 3-4 World Financial Center)

Margon’s Cuban
A well-executed classic version (garlicky roast pork, ham, Swiss, pickle) with a dash of verve in the form of a racy slice of salami and a splash of hot sauce. (136 W. 46th St., nr. Sixth Ave.)

Payard’s “Bayaldi”
Besides the Coach Farm goat cheese and tapenade, what elevates this one beyond token vegetarian status is the concentrated flavors of the slow-cooked onion-tomato-zucchini-and-eggplant confit. (1032 Lexington Ave., nr. 73rd St.)

6 Great Sandwiches To Go