Mothers of Pearl

… A High-Powered CFO
The ne plus ultra of pearl jewelry. Ella Gafter is one of the few dealers invited to the inner sanctum of Australian grower Paspaley Pearling Company. Top-drawer South Sea pearl chokers run a million dollars.
580 Fifth Ave., at 47th St., Ste. 3110; 212-398-0101

… A Boho Heiress
Fred Leighton
Vintage and estate natural-pearl jewelry from the nineteenth century and earlier that will leave you gasping for air. Starting at $10,000 for a ring, soaring to $350,000 for a suite of jewels.
773 Madison Ave., at 66th St.; 212-288-1872

… A Professional Who Fund-Raises on the Side
Probably the only branded from-the-farm pearls in the world. This is where to go for the classic white pearl necklace—a top-tier eighteen-inch Mikimoto Reserve choker is $15,410; Japanese-raised Akoyas are $150 for a 5-mm. pair of studs.
730 Fifth Ave., at 57th St.; 212-457-4600

… A Cordon Bleu Chef Who Runs the Local Playgroup
A vast variety—everything from mother-of-pearl to deep-coral-pink conch to simple freshwater-pearl pieces. The most popular necklaces are choker-length single strands of South Sea pearls, starting at $26,000.
727 Fifth Ave., at 57th St.; 212-755-8000

… A Green Thumb Who Goes to Avant-Garde Theater
The place for freshwater pearls with a twist, like a six-foot-long strand, in a half-dozen colors, that could be worn as a belt ($1,800). Designer Liming “Fish” Yu will even custom-dye pearls to match an outfit.
202A Mott St., at Spring St.; 212-219-7727

Mothers of Pearl