What to Buy at Pearl Paint

(Photo credit: Davies + Starr)

Oil Paint
Old Holland oil
$43.52–$191.46 per 225-ml. tube

The highest-quality paint in the store. Old Holland uses only high-saturation lightfast pigments, which make for the very boldest colors, the intensity of which won’t fade over time. It also has the largest range of colors of any brand.

Presentation Cases
Prat Mera Portbook

The Prat Mera has a locking feature, which prevents pages from coming loose from the binder. Also, the entire binder is removable, so for presentations that require board mounting, the binder can be taken out and the board placed inside the case instead.

Imported Belgian linens
$26.20–$43.40 per yard

These linens come in a variety of surfaces and weaves, and are best for traditional painting. They’re beautiful, too, with a strong, durable fiber.

Isabey pure Kolinsky sable brushes
$15.48–$302.56 each

These brushes are made with Siberian Kolinsky—a type of mink hair that allows for a very fine point. They have a high degree of spring and resilience.

Arches watercolor paper
$27.08 per block

This 100 percent cotton paper is the most sought-after for watercolor season. Glue on the surface of the canvas allows for perfect adhesion and gives colors that extra pop.

Schmincke soft pastels
$259.20 for a 60-piece set; $3.56 individually

The softest of the soft, with a buttery consistency and a high concentration of pigment, enabling much more painterly effects than normal pastels.

Marker Pens
Prism Color
$143.60 for a 48-piece set

These markers have a large range of colors—144 different shades that blend easily. The broad side can be used for brushstrokes, while the fine side is perfect for detailing and sketching.

Pearl Paint
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What to Buy at Pearl Paint