Star Racquets

Photo: Courtesy of Babolat

Andy Roddick
Babolat Pure Drive +

At 10.6 ounces unstrung, it’s medium weight. The better you are, the heavier your racquet—if you have the arm strength and footwork to handle it.

“Woofer System” generates power: Inside the frame are four symmetrical pulleys that contract on contact. The ball stays on the strings a split second longer—or feels like it—then bounces off with extra force.

The “+” version is 27.5 inches, rather than the 27-inch standard, for greater reach and more power. Roddick used this model for his record-breaking 155-mph serve—but it could be uncomfortable for regular players.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilson

Lindsay Davenport
Wilson Ncode Ntour

“Nanotechnology” process fills gaps in the graphite frame at the molecular level with silicone, resulting in less vibration, more control—and less tennis elbow.

Light-to-medium-weight frame (10.2 ounces unstrung) is weighted at the head, which helps racquet speed. Many players add lead tape to make it even heavier.

Star Racquets