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St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl


St. Patty's is nigh, and that can only mean one thing: Time to get hammered! Check out our favorite pre- and post-parade haunts to get your shamrock on.

Ginger Man
This Irish bar on steroids (pictured above) may be the only reason to visit the no man's land between Murray Hill and Koreatown.
11 E. 36th St.; 212-532-3740
St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Don't feel like drinking this year but want something Irish to do? Skip the Guinness and...

Do the St. Pat's Parade, an Irish tour, or a concert.

Or, try something a little different. Here are your top 5 sober alternatives to pounding Guinness.

11th Street Bar
East Village Irish pub (good for groups) that doesn't beat you over the head with all the usual Paddy signifiers.
510 E. 11th St.; 212-982-3929.

A Salt & Battery
A fish-and-chips shop that literally reeks of authenticity.
112 Greenwich Ave.; 212-691-2713.

An Beal Bocht
Riverdale's homey tribute to Irish heritage and Guinness consumption.
445 W. 238th St; 718-884-7127.

Blarney Rock Pub
Perhaps the best of the city's blarneys, but not the place to discuss your plans to build or renovate with nonunion labor.
137 W. 33rd St.; 212-947-0825.

Failte Irish Whiskey Bar
An Irish pub that'll remind you why Irish pubs are so popular in the first place.
531 Second Ave.; 212-725-9440.

The Half King
Owner/author Sebastian Junger is the initial draw, but this traditional pub has much more to recommend it.
505 W. 23rd St.; 212-462-4300.

Iggy's Keltic Lounge
Not what you'd expect alongside ultra-swank Torch or thrifty-chic Barramundi, but Iggy's is just what Ludlow Street needed.
132 Ludlow St.; 212-529-2731.

An intimate and welcoming neo-tavern, where no one will mind if you monopolize a window seat and nurse your pint all night.
180 Grand St.; 718-384-5008.

The undisputed champion of NYC drinking institutions for the frat boy in all of us.
15 E. 7th St.; 212-334-1390.

An "authentic" Irish pub that actually lives up to that overused adjective.
287 Third Ave.; 212-889-3361.

Puck Fair
A revisionist Irish pub for those who think and drink big.
298 Lafayette St.; 212-431-1200.

Friendly barkeeps and frothy pints of Guinness -- no shamrocks or other kitschy greenery...
209 E. 5th St.; 212-477-0030.

Swift Hibernian Lounge
Pub appeal refined to the basics: dark wood, dim light, cozy seating and good beer (lots of it).
34 E. 4th St.; 212-260-3600.

Tir Na Nog
An Irish bar almost worth braving St. Patty's day crowds for.
5 Penn Plaza; 212-630-0249.

Trinity Pub
A welcome refuge for drinkers who've outgrown the usual Upper East Side bar crawl.
229 E. 84th St.; 212-327-4450.