Inside New York Magazine’s Fall 2016/Winter 2017 New York Weddings

New York Weddings fall 2016/winter 2017. Photograph by Erik Madigan Heck for New York Magazine.

With winter wedding season right around the corner, New York Magazine’s fall 2016/winter 2017 issue of New York Weddings is hitting newsstands next week, on October 26, to keep you abreast of all of the season’s bridal trends. We’ve gathered everything you need to know in order to have a cabin-in-the-woods bachelor or bachelorette party; prepared a handy flow chart for figuring out exactly how much booze to get; rounded up the coziest winter wedding venues in the city; and created a by-the-month honeymoon planner. The issue — which will also be replete with hypnotic gowns that sparkle and plunge, fancy flats as pretty as heels that won’t have you tripping down the aisle, colorful earrings to light up your face, tiny bouquets, black and white cakes, and more — will be available for purchase and online here.

Check Out the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 New York Weddings