Special Issue of New York Magazine Looks Back at the Past Eight Years in America

New York’s October 3–16, 2016 issue. Photograph by Dan Winters.

Taking up nearly 70 pages in print and a multimedia timeline online, New York looks at the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency in a special issue. “As Jonathan Chait writes, President Obama has led this nation through a period of convulsive social transformation,” says New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. “This project attempts to document that change, with the help of many protagonists of all kinds — including the president himself, who sat down with Chait in August. Though it was meant as a kind of kaleidoscope, the issue actually has a pretty clear story line, with two forces battling one another for America’s future since Obama’s first day in office, and with a conclusion of sorts only five weeks away.”

President Obama’s first solo appearance on the cover of the magazine was for the April 23, 2007 issue, with a story by John Heilemann on how the then-presidential hopeful tapped a new breed of Manhattan donors for a record-smashing fund-raising campaign season. Obama had earlier appeared on the roof line of the October 2, 2006 issue, for Jennifer Senior’s prescient feature “Dreaming of Obama.”

A selection of President Obama’s New York covers.

A decade earlier, he appeared in a Barnes & Noble ad in the magazine.

Special Issue of New York Looks at the Past Eight Years