On the Cover: Andrew Sullivan on Becoming an American Citizen

New York Magazine’s January 23–February 5, 2017 issue features an essay by contributing editor Andrew Sullivan on his experience as an immigrant to the U.S. and becoming a citizen in the age of Trump, and another by writer Michael Idov on living in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Print editor Jared Hohlt says that the pairing of the stories on the cover “is meant to reflect the unsettled mood America finds itself in at the debut of President Trump’s administration. Many are worried about what will happen during the next several years in this country. But they — like Sullivan — are also seeking to reaffirm what they find so special about this place, and what gives them reason to hope for its future.”

Russia is the country that more than any other has cast a shadow over the recent election. Michael Idov was born in the former USSR and moved to Russia a few years ago, just as it was witnessing major protests against its government, and describes what happens to a nation’s psyche when trust in almost all its institutions becomes severely eroded, and cynicism pervades daily life. “Are there lessons there for Americans too?” asks Hohlt.

Cover: Andrew Sullivan on Becoming an American Citizen