On the Cover: Talking to David Letterman About ‘Trumpy,’ and More

David Letterman on the cover of New York’s March 6–19, 2017, issue. / Photo: Christopher Anderson/New York Magazine

Former Late Show host David Letterman makes a brief return, on the cover of New York Magazine’s March 6–19, 2017, issue. Letterman talks to contributing editor David Marchese about the man he calls “Trumpy,” how he would have covered his presidency, civilian life two years into retirement, and more.

The cover image of Letterman was conceived at the very end of the shoot, says New York’s photography director, Jody Quon. “Photographer Christopher Anderson had taken his last shot of Letterman, who was putting on his hat and sunglasses to leave. Anderson stopped him, and snapped the photo that’s now on the cover.”

On the Cover: David Letterman, on Donald Trump and More