On the Cover: Kellyanne Conway, the True First Lady of Trump’s America

New York’s March 20-April 3, 2017 issue. Photo: Martin Schoeller

Kellyanne Conway covers New York’s March 20–April 3, 2017, issue, in a profile where she talks about why she’s sympathetic to women who have abortions, the inner workings of the White House, what she thinks about Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon, her relationship with her boss, and more.

Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi joined New York Magazine from the Daily Beast earlier this year, to cover the Trump administration and Congress. “This was the most fun I’ve ever had reporting a story and getting to know a profile subject. Having seen her in all sorts of different settings now, she’s generally exactly the same in every context,” Nuzzi says. “I remember, the first time I went to interview Conway in the White House back in February, saying good-bye to her and waiting for a few moments for someone to escort me out, as is customary. No one ever came, so I wandered around a bit on my own — with nobody bothering me or asking why I was there — and eventually found my way out the West Wing door. That is a metaphor for how this administration operates.”

Kellyanne Conway on the Cover of New York Magazine