On The Cover: Cynthia Nixon

New York Magazine’s April 16-29, 2018 issue cover. Photograph by Marco Grob.

On the cover of New York Magazine’s April 16–29, 2018 issue, contributing editor Jessica Pressler talks to Cynthia Nixon about why she wants to be governor of New York, and how she’s planning on giving Governor Cuomo a run for his money.

“The magazine has had a long history of covering both Sex and the City and Albany,” says New York Magazine print editor Jared Hohlt. “When Cynthia Nixon announced that she was running for governor, it seemed — as more than one person said to us — almost like a parody of a New York Magazine cover story. That became the basis for our too-self-referential-by-half cover line.” As Nixon’s run has already begun moving the governor to the left, “New Yorkers are discovering her candidacy is quite serious.”

On The Cover of New York Magazine: Cynthia Nixon