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On the Cover: Anger, Love, and Cynicism in Our Current Political Moment

Photo: New York Magazine

The cover of New York Magazine’s September 17–30, 2018, issue weaves together three stories that shed light on our current political moment, with an excerpt from Rebecca Traister’s forthcoming book on the fury of American women right now, Jonathan Van Meter on Cory Booker as he prepares to launch the most optimistic and earnest presidential campaign in history, and Lisa Miller on turncoat Lindsey Graham and how his self-serving recalibrations are catching up to him.

“We were seeking a cover that spoke to not one but three political modes, the most salient being the anger captured by Rebecca Traister in her essay about the power of women’s rage,” says New York’s print editor Jared Hohlt on the influences that drove this cover. “It’s often said that people focus on eyes on a magazine cover — so in this case, we went with six of them.”

Anger, Love, and Cynicism in Our Political Moment