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On the Cover of New York: The Making of Ivanka Trump

Photo: Illustration by Gluekit

After the White House, Ivanka Trump probably can’t go back to New York, the city that made her. For the cover of New York’s August 5-18, 2019 issue, writer Vanessa Grigoriadis tells the story of how the flashy daughter of a celebrity showman became the polished, presentable face of Trumpism, and what her post-White House exit strategy might look like. The feature is based on 60 interviews with Ivanka Trump’s friends and colleagues, which also form the basis of Tabloid: The Making of Ivanka Trump, a new, ten-part narrative podcast series from New York that Grigoriadis has been reporting for six months, premiering August 5 on Luminary.

“I was shocked as I watched Ivanka transform over the past few weeks into the person we’d already argued she was going to become on the podcast,” says Grigoriadis. “On her overseas trip to the G-20 and DMZ, she became a princess.”

In the spirit of the podcast’s name, the cover of New York calls back to the famous 1975 cover of the New York Daily News, following a speech by Gerald R. Ford denying federal assistance to spare New York from bankruptcy.

Photo: New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
On the Cover of New York: The Making of Ivanka Trump