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On the Cover: Inside Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign, and Fran Drescher on the Flip Side

Photograph by David Williams

The March 2–15, 2020, issue of New York marks the magazine’s biannual fashion “flip” cover, with New York on one side, and the Cut on the other. On the New York side of the magazine, reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis goes behind the scenes of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s expensive, quixotic, and risky presidential campaign. Until the Nevada and South Carolina debates, the question on everyone’s minds had been, “Can the presidency be bought by the ninth richest man in the world?,” to which the answer seemed to be, “Yes, possibly.” Now, the question has become, “Can the presidency be won by someone with negative charisma?” Grigoriadis speaks with Bloomberg’s high-profile friends and supporters including Tom Brokaw and Joanna Coles, his daughter Emma Bloomberg, campaign manager Kevin Sheekey, as well as former colleagues and political consultants who are skeptical of his run.

“Ever since Bloomberg entered the race, I’ve been thinking about his long history with the city and this magazine,” says New York editor-in-chief David Haskell of the decision to put the Bloomberg on the cover, who was photographed at his childhood home in Medford Massachusetts. “He has been serious about running for president since at least 2006. In 2009 we published this cover, and the dilemma it raised—should this well-intentioned billionaire be able to buy his way out of his electoral vulnerabilities?—is still central to American politics. Vanessa Grigoriadis reported on Mayor Mike during the roller coaster of the last few weeks, closely observing a man with an almost preposterous combination of affluence, altruism and ego.”

Flipping the magazine over, Fran Drescher graces the cover of the Cut’s Spring Fashion issue. Twenty-one years after the end of The Nanny, a show that was a cultural touch point for the Cut’s millennial audience, Drescher is still a star in her own right. “Fran’s sense of humor combined with her steadfast self-knowledge really appealed to us for this season,” says the Cut’s SVP and editor-in-chief Stella Bugbee of the cover star. “We all need a little JOY right now!”

Elsewhere in the Cut’s Spring Fashion issue: Molly Fischer writes about the tyranny of the millennial aesthetic, Melissa Dahl on the convincing science of light therapy, Matthew Schneier on how the Assoulines made their name on books to be seen (and occasionally read), and much more. “The issue doesn’t have a theme per se but there was a through line of fun, parties, and community, from our fashion portfolio, which we shot as a power lunch at La Grenouille, to the oral history of Opening Ceremony,” Bugbee says of the issue. “We wanted mischief and delight throughout the whole thing.”

Photograph by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari
On the Cover: New York on One Side, the Cut on the Other