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On the Cover: The Making of a Health Crisis

Photo: Jonas Bardin

New York Magazine’s latest cover story looks at the growth of vaping, and the making of a health crisis that’s only just begun. Stephen S. Hall writes: “More than a million teenagers, many of whom might never have picked up a standard cigarette, are now addicted to nicotine and regularly sucking on the end of a battery—the long-term safety of which remains almost a total mystery.”

To illustrate the story, New York asked photographers around the country — Jonas Bardin in New York, Violet Golden and Alisa Petrosova in Los Angeles, and Kevin Jolley and Ruby Reddecliff in Missouri — to document 18-23-year-olds’ relationship with vaping nicotine. Says director of photography Jody Quon: “We were interested in sharing with our readers a few different communities of young adults who vape around the country - and chose to assign young photographers who were already intimately predisposed to those worlds. The result is an authentic look at these young adults.” The full portfolio can be seen on @nymag’s Instagram story.

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On the Cover: The Making of a Health Crisis