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On the Cover of New York Magazine’s Fall Preview Issue: Mariah Carey

New York’s August 31-September 6, 2020 issue Photo: Dana Scruggs

This issue of New York Magazine features the musical artist and pop star Mariah Carey, who welcomed features writer Allison P. Davis into her quarantine pod as the first visitor in months. Known for her candid profiles of cultural figures like Lena Dunham, Cardi B, Davis arrived at Carey’s compound with a mask on her face and fresh negative test results in hand for a four hour conversation that began at midnight. Meeting Carey in person, Davis says she was surprised to learn “there’s this sort of mischievous, real, after-hours party vibe to her that I don’t think you get to see because she’s so hard-working.” Carey, who was photographed on the cover by Dana Scruggs, had a lot to say, anticipating her new memoir to be published this fall. Also in the magazine, the editors assemble their most anticipated events for a highly unusual fall season, with profiles of Miranda July, Amber Ruffin, Big Sean, and more, and a total list of 91 events worth looking forward to. “We’re thrilled to feature someone who knows no season – Mariah Carey – at the center of it,” says New York’s culture editor Gazelle Emami, “as she reflects on an epic 30-year career.”

This issue also includes “The Lost Season,” a sweeping survey by Cathy Horyn of the fashion industry’s most prolific, significant designers, many of whom spoke candidly for the first time in years and who sat for remote portraits for a portfolio by Christopher Anderson. “I wanted to survey them about the future of fashion but also its recent past—what works and what doesn’t,” Horyn writes. “Turns out they wanted to talk too.”

On the Cover of New York’s Fall Preview Issue: Mariah Carey