New York Magazine and Luminary’s Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape Premieres Today

Photo: Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape is out today, Monday, June 28th.

Luminary, a subscription podcast network, and New York Magazine announced that Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape premieres today. Acclaimed writer and journalist Lux Alptraum hosts the second season of the hit podcast series, which will be available on the Luminary app or on the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts.

Tabloid’s second season digs up new details about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape: how it was stolen, who distributed it, and how it affected their lives. We hear from Pamela’s manager about how she changed when she met Tommy. We hear the story of the electrician who stole the tape and decide what parts of his story are legend. We meet the characters who hustled to get the tape into the world and their regrets. And Pamela finally gets an apology from the one person who made money off the tape.

But the most enlightening part of Tabloid is its cultural analysis. The series is designed to look back at scandals we never took seriously enough. And this is definitely one. The tape changed our culture, setting new legal standards for privacy. It popularized a style for unfiltered, raw honesty, which people online still imitate every day. And it created an appetite for exposure that has left us all vulnerable.

Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape is our feminist take on celebrity sex tapes,” said host Lux Alptraum. “On one hand, we wanted to find out how a video of the sexiest couple of the era ended up in the bedrooms of thousands of teenage boys. On the other hand, we wanted to take a sharp, analytical approach to the scandalized tone of celebrity gossip mags and reframe them with real-world economics and real people’s issues. We track its origins as a single VHS tape locked in a safe to an international phenomenon that wound up accelerating so many trends we still live with today.”

Host Lux Alptraum spent six years as editor of Fleshbot, a groundbreaking porn blog founded by Gawker Media. In the years since, her writing has been featured in outlets including the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and Hustler and helped shape the Peabody-nominated documentary series Sex.Right.Now. Guests on Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape include Ray Manzella, Pamela Anderson’s former manager; Guerin Swing, a close personal friend of Tommy Lee’s; Amanda Chicago Lewis, the reporter who broke the story of how the tape got stolen; Cort St. George, a man who worked at the internet porn company that ended up with the tape; Kevin Blatt, celebrity sex tape broker; Vanessa Diaz, a People magazine reporter from the early aughts; Anna Holmes, founder of Jezebel; and Sinnamon Love, an internet porn pioneer.

Each season of Tabloid, a joint production between Luminary and New York Magazine, digs into a story from the gossip rags of the past that looks totally different seen in today’s light. Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape premieres on Monday, June 28. The first season of Tabloid was The Making of Ivanka Trump, hosted by Vanessa Grigoriadis.

New episodes of the Tabloid: The Pam & Tommy Sex Tape podcast will be available each Monday through August 9. You can listen to the show on the Luminary app or on the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts.

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New York Magazine and Luminary Launch Season Two of Tabloid