New York Magazine Is Looking For a Writer To Spend One Year Eating Their Way Around New York City

Photo-Illustration: by New York Magzine

New York Magazine and Grub Street today announced that they’re hiring for a seasoned writer to spend a year eating their way around New York City. The “Diner-at-Large” will write a column and weekly newsletter telling the story of New York through 50 gastronomical installments. They should be restaurant-obsessed, have a deep familiarity with New York City, and bring quite a bit of prior professional writing experience. From the magazine that originally coined the term “foodie,” this position will draw on New York’s long history of award-winning, somewhat fanatical food writing. More information about the position is available below, and interested parties can apply here:

The Year I Ate New York 

Diner at Large, New York Magazine

New York Magazine and Grub Street are looking for a full-time writer to spend a year eating anything and everything in New York City. In January, we’ll launch “The Year I Ate New York,” a column and weekly newsletter devoted to one mad, restaurant-obsessed author’s food adventures throughout 2022. This role, “Diner at Large,” is designed for a seasoned and — we really can’t over-emphasize this — hungry writer who is ambitious enough to tell the story of New York City through 50 gastronomical installments. 


Can you describe the most life-changing noodles in each of New York’s Chinatowns? Does the idea of hosting 14 consecutive dinner parties to once and for all figure out the best caterer in town thrill you? Do you constantly wonder what it would be like to eat a burger at the bar of the New York Yacht Club, fried clams at every seafood restaurant on City Island, and pearls of ikura from Manhattan’s most clandestine sushi counters? Ever considered ordering the mutton chop and the steak-and-lobster duo at Keens? Are you excited to spend ages eating snacks after school with Flushing teens at the New World Mall? 

The position pays competitively and comes with a hefty expense account. Here are the specifics of who we are looking for: Someone with quite a bit of prior, professional writing experience. Someone who lives in (and has a pretty deep familiarity with most corners of) New York City. Someone who is not repulsed by the prospect of eating two full dinners in the same night. Someone who is a food fanatic (though not a critic) and an astute social anthropologist. Someone who has the stamina to go out to eat… all the time.  

You can apply by sending us a resume, relevant clips, and, in lieu of a traditional cover letter, 800 words describing one recent night out somewhere unforgettable to show us why we must hire you for this frankly insane opportunity.


New York Is Looking For a Diner-at-Large