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On the Cover of New York: 10 Years of Re-Re-Re-Re-Downloading Tinder

Photo-Illustration: New York Magazine’s August 1–14, 2022

New York Magazine’s August 1–14, 2022, issue on Tinder’s tenth anniversary examines the impact the app has had in reshaping dating culture and the evolution of online dating since its launch. The editorial project includes a story by features writer Allison P. Davis, “Tinder Hearted,” chronicling the highs and lows of swiping over the last decade and how her most lasting relationship has been with the platform itself.

“It’s easy to overestimate the way technology shapes us and to discount the way technology bends to our needs and wills and desires,” Davis writes. “It’s possible Tinder didn’t do anything but promise us a connection. We’re the ones who decided this is how we wanted to connect.”

Also in the issue, Kaitlin Menza highlights a man who’d used dating apps for ten years, gathering his past dates in one room and asking them to give their notes on the interaction; a poll of current and former swipers on their habits and horror stories by Paula Aceves; and more.

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