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The Strategist’s Holiday Gift Guide Takes Over Flip Side of New York Magazine

New York Magazine’s November 7–21, 2022, cover. Illustration: Nolan Pelletier

New York’s latest issue features the Strategist’s exhaustive holiday gift guide on the flip side, taking over half of the magazine with more than 400 carefully selected and unusually special items broken down by price. To create the guide, a team of dedicated editors worked for months falling down dozens of rabbit holes to find new and obscure gifts that readers likely won’t find recommended anywhere else. The resulting catalogue has something for really and truly everyone.

For the first time, the print issue will be accompanied by an online issue that is available only to digital and print subscribers, bringing the experience of paging through the magazine online. Subscribers will receive the issue via email and can shop directly from the online edition.

In addition to the shopping guide, the issue’s special features and columns highlight seven New Yorkers known for their particularly excellent taste, including Mickey Drexler and Deeda Blair giving gifting tips; Strategist staff sharing dozens of shopping hacks, including where to find good but not too expensive jewelry (hint: Costco); and a slew of New Yorkers, including Anna Sui, Nigel Barker, and Emma Straub, photographed by the magazine in their favorite giftable scarves. The issue also features a special page of tear-out gifting coupons — 14 last-minute “free” gifts that only cost your time and energy — adding to the experience for print subscribers.

“We created a distinctly magazine-y catalogue,” says features editor Katy Schneider. “Every single page is shoppable — and every single one of the items recommended on those pages is well-sourced‚ but it’s also just compulsively readable and visually stunning.”

“We are excited to bring this spotlight of the Strategist and its shopping recommendations to our readers and subscribers when we know holiday shopping is very top of mind,” says Priyanka Arya, SVP of consumer revenue at Vox Media. “Like we were able to do with the Cut’s fall fashion issue featuring Meghan Markle, we’re excited to delight our subscribers with a fun deep dive into one of our brands.”

The cover illustration was done by Nolan Pelletier. The fish is a nod to the classic New York cover “A Gentile’s Guide to Jewish Food.”

The Strategist’s Holiday Gift Guide Takes Over Flip Side