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On the Cover: Stormy Daniels Profiled by Olivia Nuzzi

In the wake of former president Donald Trump’s historic arraignment, the April 10–23 issue of New York Magazine features a cover profile by Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi of Stormy Daniels, the woman who catalyzed it all, on her surreal week and the encounter that brought us here. For the profile, Nuzzi joined Daniels in her home for a wide-ranging interview.

“I first met Stormy in 2018 and remember being so struck by her intellect and her wit, and so saddened that in the course of her journey to the center of our political discourse, she was flattened into a two-dimensional talking point, convenient in different ways for all sides of the debate,” said Nuzzi. “With Trump’s indictment looming, I set out to tell the story through her perspective, to center her experience, and to allow the former president to emerge on the page at no more or less the size that he is now. Smaller, dwindling, no longer the black hole sucking in everyone and everything around him.”

The cover image is an original portrait commissioned for New York and taken by Daniels’s husband, photographer R. Barrett. Daniels was photographed in their home on Monday, April 3, the day before Trump’s arraignment.

Elsewhere in the issue, features writer Shawn McCreesh profiles Emma Tucker, the newly minted editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, and examines how the London import tapped by Rupert Murdoch to lead one of his most prized properties is navigating shaping the paper’s future amid the Evan Gershkovich crisis. David Gauvey Herbert explores how
Richard Walter, who was hailed as a genius criminal profiler at murder trials, at forensic conferences, and on true-crime TV, was exposed as a fraud.

On the Cover: Stormy Daniels Profiled by Olivia Nuzzi