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On the Cover: Examining the Ripple Effect of the Israel-Hamas War in New York City

New York’s November 20–December 3 issue is an expansive package focused on the reverberations in New York in the aftermath of Hamas’s attack on Israel and Israel’s declaration of war. More than a dozen reporters and photographers spoke with people across the city to document the tremendous grief and mourning, as well as the impact of protests and conflicts within institutions, workplaces, friend groups, and families.

“For six weeks, the city has been torn up and torn apart — grieving, protesting, and full of anguish,” says editor-in-chief David Haskell. “The horrors of the war have revealed painful differences within even the tightest friendships, families, and organizations, and we have committed in this project to exploring these fault lines with tenderness and clarity.”

The package includes an examination of the tensions at the 92nd Street Y, two perspectives on the defacing of posters featuring hostages, fissures within the leftist Jewish literary community, the fallout at Artforum, a meditation on watching the war in Gaza from an Instagram feed, controversy among faculty and students at Columbia, and reflections from a wide range of Palestinian and Jewish Americans including high-school students, rabbis, players in Hollywood, parents, and more.

Contributors to the package include Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Zaina Arafat, Mark Harris, Esther Wang, Ryu Spaeth, Rebecca Alter, Rachel Corbett, Anya Kamenetz, Bindu Bansinath, Julia Edelstein, James D. Walsh, Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, and Danya Issawi.

The Ripple Effect of the Israel-Hamas War in New York City