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I’m Emily Gould, and for years I’ve been obsessed with how artistic miracles get out into the world — especially when that world feels hostile to any cultural experience that’s more ambitious than, say, TikTok spon-con for butt lotion. In my profiles, articles, and novels, I’ve tried to capture what people are like by describing what’s in their medicine cabinets, auric fields, and bank accounts. If you, too, have always wanted to understand how something you love was created and how it was funded and what it cost its creator soul-wise, my newsletter Making It is for you.

Each week, I’ll be talking to someone who made something cool to find out how they did it and how they’re living. You can expect to find new personalities to become obsessed with as well as fresh insights into some well-known faves. There’s plenty of publicity-driven fluff out there, and this isn’t that — you and I would both be so bored! Instead, this will help you stay ahead of the curve on what interesting people are working on. And it’ll be a great pick-me-up if you want to reinvent your own way of making it — whatever your “it” may be.

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