Sign Up for Court Appearances: Musk v. Twitter

Photo: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

I’m Kevin T. Dugan, a finance reporter for New York and Intelligencer. There’s no single person I’ve covered more at New York than Elon Musk in his bid to buy — and then get out of buying — Twitter. This is a fascinating legal drama, much more than just the world’s richest tech bro dealing with buyer’s remorse: A court could force a Trump-curious, self-proclaimed free-speech absolutist, along with a cabal of influential Silicon Valley investors, to take hold of the world’s most chaotic influence machine ahead of the next presidential election.

At the heart of the trial: Musk’s $44 billion promise to buy Twitter — and his increasingly hectic arguments that something is so wrong with the company that he must back out. Though, first, Twitter’s shareholders have to approve the deal in a meeting in mid-September.

With their consent in hand, the trial proper (assuming we even get there!) doesn’t start until October 17, but there’s more than plenty to discuss before then: Who are the major players in this legal saga? How are they maneuvering? What even is the Delaware Court of Chancery? Expect updates on all of these, and more, soon.

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