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At its core, New York Magazine is for New Yorkers of the mind, no matter where they might reside. Whether you’re a native, a transplant, or a former or an aspiring New Yorker, we bring you closer to the city’s sensibility — one that’s sharp, in the know, ever evolving, and always asking questions.

That’s why we’ve created The City Desk, a new newsletter about New York. From investigations into why the Oculus floor is already cracking to our diner-at-large’s rediscovery of the meaning of chicken at yakitori counters to a report about an art-studio cult, The City Desk will bring you a New York point of view about what’s happening in the city right now.

Every Thursday, we’ll deliver a rundown of local stories published across the magazine but especially focused on Grub Street’s dining and restaurant news, Intelligencer’s coverage of local politics, and Curbed’s analysis of urbanism, architecture, and transportation alongside cultural and event recommendations from our critics. If you’re curious what’s happening around the corner or a subway ride away, The City Desk is for you.