North of the Transverse

The Newcomer: Talya Kook
Age: 26
Works: Doctoral student at Pace University.
Resides: A two-bedroom apartment near 97th Street and Amsterdam Avenue that she shares with a roommate.
Years in the Neighborhood: Just over one.
“I used to live in the Eighties and I loved it, but they were jacking up the rent too much. There wasn’t much up here when we first moved but there’s so much going on on Columbus now. I hear there’s a Crumbs and a Borders on the way. We might be the only young people in the building. We definitely stick out.”

1. Associated Supermarket
755 Amsterdam Ave., at 97th St. 212-665-9900
“I have a love-hate relationship with Associated. It’s small and can get really crowded, but generally they have good prices. The key is going during off-peak hours. It’s heavenly when no one’s there.”

2. 97th Street Greenmarket
97th St. nr. Amsterdam Ave.; Fridays, 8 a.m.– 2 p.m. year round
“Once I was going to make a soup, and saw the most gorgeous leeks here I’d ever seen.”

3. Xtreem Kleen Laundromat & Dry Cleaning
772 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 98th St. 212-280-3930
“We have machines in the building, but it’s a good alternative for when they’re full.”

4. Whole Foods Market and Wine Store
808 Columbus Ave., at 97th St. 212-222-6160
“My friends and I went to the opening-night event in August. They have a gelato stand and an impressive beer selection. Everything you get you love, but it’s tough on a student budget.”

5. Michaels
808 Columbus Ave., nr. 100th St. 212-865-0813
“It’s an especially awesome craft store that just opened. I love decoupage, scrapbooking, making little things for friends.”

6. Ding Dong Lounge
929 Columbus Ave., nr. 106th St.; 212-663-2600
“My friends and I go here for their $2 happy hour. They have live music, and it’s one of the few non-fratty options up here.”

7. All Seasons Nails & Spa
2566 Broadway, nr. 96th St. 212-666-8822
“Best pedicure of your life, but it’s expensive—$30 just for your feet. They put your feet in this thick gel instead of warm water. It feels very luxe.”

8. Mama Mexico
2672 Broadway, nr. 102nd St. 212-864-2323
“Great drinks, a mariachi band, and tableside guac’, which I love.”

9. Lenny’s Bagels
2601 Broadway, at 98th St.; 212-222-0410
“I’m a tough sell—I used to have H&H right across the street— but Lenny’s is okay.”

10. Peaches Natural Yogurt Café
2543 Broadway, nr. 95th St. 212-222-6228
“It’s more yogurt-y than Tasti D. It’s a good, healthy snack. But I’d still rather have ice cream.”

11. Symphony Space
2537 Broadway, at 95th St. 212-864-5400
“Great shows and movies here, but my schedule is so crazy I rarely have time to go.”

12. Riverside Park 96th Street Clay Tennis Courts
96th St. at the Hudson River 212-978-0277
“This was my first summer up here, and I took full advantage. I even put my gym membership on hold.”

The Old-Timer: Dorri Jacobs
Age: “Probably ten years older than you think I am.”
Works: Writer and life-work coach.
Resides: A one-bedroom apartment near 97th Street and Columbus Avenue with her two cats.
Years in the Neighborhood: 39.
“I moved here in 1970 from Brooklyn. I had never wanted to live in Manhattan, but after my car was stolen I decided to move here. The buildings were bland and brick, but the rent was under $200—only a little bit more than what I was paying for an L-shaped studio in Brooklyn. And this was a one-bedroom! I still love the Upper West Side.”

1. Central Park Tennis Courts
Near the West Drive at 94th St.; 212-280-0205
“It’s a community of people, it’s exercise, it’s a beautiful setting. It feels like a country club.”

2. “The Pool” in Central Park
Near the 100th St. entrance at Central Park W.
“It’s a pond, not a pool. I didn’t know about it for years. I’ve been introducing it to my friends; now we have bench picnics here.”

3. Rite Aid
741 Columbus Ave., at 96th St. 212-316-0436
“I use the pharmacy here. They have automatic refill, which is nice because who wants to have to think about that?”

4. Whole Foods Market and Wine Store
“I boycotted them when they first opened. Now I’ll come here sometimes, for coffee.”

5. T. J. Maxx
808 Columbus Ave., nr. 100th St. 212-222-0543
“I don’t like living in a mega–shopping center, but so far I’m impressed.”

6. Bloomingdale Branch Library
150 W. 100th St., nr. Columbus Ave.; 212-222-8030
“I eat books—I just devour them. Mysteries by women, mostly. If I don’t have six or eight books when I leave the library, I feel like I’m missing something.”

7. Zhong Hua
23 W. 100th St., nr. Central Park W.; 212-932-3377
“I order takeout from here. I think the food is good. So far no one else does.”

8. Charm Thai
722 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 95th St. 212-866-9800
“A friend takes me out to lunch here once a month. Reasonable, good food, and not too crowded.”

9. Church of the Holy Name of Jesus Thrift Store
207 W. 96th St., nr. Amsterdam Ave.; 212-749-0276
“I can’t say they sell the most beautiful stuff, but after my silverware started disappearing, I bought replacements here. A quarter a spoon!”

10. Dollar Variety
762 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 97th St. 212-866-4345
“Just unbelievable, the prices here. Great for household odds and ends, dish soap, paper towels. Why pay full price when there are places like this?”

11. Associated Supermarket
“I’m not going to walk to 91st Street to go to D’Agostino’s. Plus, its being open 24/7 is really wonderful.”

12. Symphony Space
“They have these really wonderful ‘Wall to Wall’ concerts. They’re totally free and have lines around the corner.”

13. Petqua
2604 Broadway, nr. 98th St. 212-865-6060
“I buy cat food here and Greenies treats for my cat that had dental work.”

14. Metro Diner
2641 Broadway, at 100th St. 212-866-0800
“There’s nothing like a diner. I have my favorite waiter— I don’t think he knows my name or anything, but he tries.”

North of the Transverse